Sutton & Cheam Pauline Gorman

I am a retired teacher – I taught for 35 years in Special and Comprehensive schools in London and Birmingham. I was elected Union rep in several schools, onto NUT Associations’ Committees and as delegate to Trades Councils and NUT National Conference. Over the years I have been active in many campaigns including: those to preserve Trade Union rights, against public spending cuts, and to stop the Vietnam and Iraq wars. I have been enormously enthused by the creation of TUSC as a major campaigning organisation against the vicious cuts perpetrated by the current (and previous) corrupt and self-serving governments. I am currently campaigning against the introduction of TTIP and to save the NHS and our local Hospital – St Helier. I am a life-long socialist and believe that democratic ownership of the means of production is the only way to ensure equality for all and to preserve human life on the planet.

Flyer please download and share

See campaign Window Poster




1. Sutton Guardian (local newspaper) final debate (hustings) is scheduled for Nonsuch High School, Cheam, on March 12, with the lead topic education.

Fantastic animation worth looking at and sharing:


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