Tottenham – Jenny Sutton

Divide and rule

The Tories plan a return to the 1930s and the end of the welfare state. Labour won’t challenge the lie that the deficit must be reduced by cutting public services. All the main parties falsely blame migrants for low pay, lack of housing and over-stretched schools & hospitals. This is racist divide and rule.

We have to reject those arguments so that our side can unite against the real enemy – the bankers, corporate fat cats and tax-dodgers who caused the crisis in the first place.

The money is there!

One million people now rely on food banks, but the richest 1,000 have doubled their wealth since the start of the crisis. There are more billionaires per head in the UK than any other country.

The £80 billion in austerity cuts since 2008 equals the amount bankers have received in bonuses. The deficit could be wiped out in an instant by taxing the rich, but all the main parties pledge years of continued austerity.

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Haringey Stand up to Racism Public Meeting – ‘Rage against Racism!’

Wednesday 4th March, 7.30pm
North London Community House,
22 Moorefield Rd N17 6PJ (Bruce Grove, opposite PO sorting office)

Haringey Alliance for Public Services Public Meeting – ‘The next steps’
Monday 9th March 7pm
North London Community House (as above)